Application Process & Admission

 I – APPLICATION PERIOD: 10 June-9 August 2024                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Application Dates 10 June- 9 August 2024
Proficiency Exam of TDU* 14 August 2024*
Announcement of the Pre-evolution Results 19 August 2024
Interview 26 August - 02 September
Announcement of Results 06 September 2024
Registration 9-13 September 2024
Beginning of the term See the 2023-2024 Academic Year Academic Calendar to be published at

III – Quota Information:
  • Turkish nationals who studied in Turkey should apply through the "Domestic quota."
  • Foreign nationals - regardless of where they studied - and Turkish nationals who studied abroad should apply through the "Foreign quota".
ALES Points ALES: Point Type
Turkish Citizens  Others
European and International Affairs* 20 10 TOEFL IBT: 96
YDS: 80
or equivalent
  * Language of Instruction: English


Candidates must adhere to the marked conditions for the type of quota they are applying for.
  Turkish applicants International applicants
1. Bachelor’s Degree
Studying in the Master Programs of TAU requires the successful completion of a bachelor program. If the bachelor’s degree certificate cannot be provided at the time of application, student must provide it by the date of enrollment which is envisaged in the Academic Calendar
2. Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Examination (ALES)
Turkish applicants are required to have scored a specific pass mark in the Turkish Entrance Examination (ALES). See Table ‘Quotas’ in section G for further information. Candidates Who has PhD degree are not required to enter ALES. Their ALES score will be accepted as 70.
Foreign applicants do not have to provide an ALES score.
3. Foreign Language Requirements
Applicants have to provide language scores or language proficiency certificates. Language proficiency can be attested in the form of the following language tests: YDS, TOEFL IBT, CAE, CPE, PEARSON PTE Academic or in form of another equally attested exam.
The MA European and International Affairs requires a YDS score of at least 80 or TOEFL IBT of at least 96 and.
For an overview of accepted equal exams and scores please see: the reference document by the Turkish Higher Education Authority:
4. Grade Point Average (GPA)
The application does not require a specific Grade Point Average (GPA).
5. Qualification for the Master’s Degree: Subject – Specific Requirements
Administrative Sciences, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Business Management, Economics, History of Economics, International Relations, European Studies, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Law, History, Cultural Studies, Ethnology, Anthropology, Social Sciences or other related fields.

Applications are evaluated according to the following weighting. To qualify for the registration to the Program, applicants are required to obtain at least 70.
  Turkish applicants Foreign applicants
ALES % 50 -
GPA % 20 % 50
Interview % 30 % 50

The results will be announced on after the applications of the candidates are evaluated. In addition, an acceptance letter electronically signed by the Institute of Social Sciences of the University will be sent to the accepted candidates by e-mail. Candidates along with the letter of acceptance should visit the closest embassy in order to take a Student Visa to Turkey This visa to Turkey and it is essential to register at the university.

Applications will be accepted on the specified dates only electronically trough the link of
Candidates are required to upload the above-mentioned information and documents to the system within the specified periods above.
Applications made by mail or in person will not be accepted.
The below mentioned list of application documents must be upload to the application system completely.
In case of any problems in application processes, candidates could report the problem to the Institute by sending email to the address:
  Turkish applicants Foreign applicants
a)Application form: 
b)Identity Card: Copy of Identity Card
c)Passport: Copy of password x
d)Photos: 2 up-to-date photographs
e)Bachelor’s Degree Diploma:  It is enough to document their graduation on application.
Conditional applicants must submit an updated student certificate stating that they are in the last semester of their undergraduate education, instead of a bachelor's degree.
Candidates coming from foreign countries can apply with current transcripts. They can submit their diploma samples or temporary graduation documents on final registration *
f) Transcript of Records (ToR)
For foreign applicants: The copy of the ToR can be either in English or German language.
g) Language Proficiency: Results of Exams (YDS, and TOEFL IBT or equivalent) (copy)
h)  Result of ALES – examination:
i)  Recognition of the Foreign University :
  1. Registered students who cannot provide a bachelor degree certificate by the set deadline will be exmatriculated.

For Foreign Applicants: Recognition of the foreign degree (Denklik Belgesi) or recognition of the foreign university (Okul Tanıma Belgesi) issued by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK). If the University is not listed by YÖK. Accepted students who cannot provide either of the documents by the set deadline will be exmatriculated.

The documents can be issued by the YÖK’s recognition department Denklik Okul Tanıma Ofisi. Following information are required:
1. Name and address of the institution of higher education/university
2. Name of the field of study
3. Academic Degree (BA, MA, distance learning or others)
              For more information see:
The school recognition certificate can also be obtained via e-Government. Turkish citizens living abroad must apply to the embassies and consulates in order to obtain the e-government password. T.C. Citizens, Blue Card holders and foreigners with foreign identification numbers are given e-government password in Foreign Representatives.


1) The graduate diploma must be delivered to the original or graduated university-approved graduation certificate *. Candidates graduated from foreign higher education institutions must submit their diploma or graduation certificates together with a Turkish translation made by a sworn translator and a notary or consul.
2) The notarized certificate or transcript approved by the relevant higher education institution indicating the graduation grade average grade of all the courses taken during the undergraduate study. Candidates graduated from foreign higher education institutions must submit their transcripts in Turkish translations made by sworn translators and notary or consulates, together with the grade average.
3) Candidates who apply from the local quota must submit the ALES document’s or the equivalent document’s with the “Result Document Control Code”,
4) YDS document’s or equivalent test result document’s with the “Result Document Control Code”,
5) T.C. who has completed his studies abroad with foreign national candidates (including students with blue cards). Nationality candidates Receipt from the Council of Higher Education “School Recognition Written”.
6) The registration of the original identity card is sufficient.
7) For foreign nationals - a copy of residence registration certificate and foreign national number.
8) Photocopy of passport identification documents and pages showing the validity period of visa for foreign nationals (Learning Vision will not be requested during registration from those who certify that they have valid residence permit)
9) The post-graduate student candidates who have settled abroad, must pay three times the amount of the tuition fee determined. For more information about tuition fee / tuition fee:
10) Turkish candidates should submit a military status document that indicates that not involved in military service.
11) Turkish candidates who is a research assistant at our university or other universities should submit an official documents which is received from their institutions
NOTE: It is not possible to make precise records of those who have false or falsified documents or documents that are false or false, and even if exact records are made, their registration is canceled.
ATTENTION OF APPLICANTS: Please communicate urgently with the following e-mail addresses that are relevant to the problems that may arise during the delivery or supply of the documents required for application:

ADRES:            Türk-Alman Üniversitesi 
                           Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü 
                           Şahinkaya Cad. No: 86          
                           P.K.34820 Beykoz / İSTANBUL       

                           Tel: 0216 333 32 70 
                           0216 333 32 72
                           0216 333 32 73